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For Peace, Order and Good Government: The first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia
Early proposals
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Drafting a constitution
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Conducting the first Federal election
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9 May 1901
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Relationship between the houses

Members of the First Parliament

Patrick McMahon Glynn

Patrick McMahon Glynn (1855-1931)

Member for South Australia 1901-1903,
Angas (South Australia) 1903-1919

Born in Gort, Galway, Ireland, “Paddy” Glynn migrated to Melbourne in 1880, having established himself as a lawyer in Ireland and England during the 1870s. He set himself up in legal practice in Kapunda, South Australia, and Adelaide, became editor of the Kapunda Herald, and involved himself in political issues in South Australia. He was elected to the South Australian House of Assembly in 1887.

Glynn was elected to represent South Australia at the Australasian Federal Convention of 1897-98. A member of the Judiciary Committee which worked on the drafting of the Constitution Bill, Glynn’s best-known contribution to the Constitution is a reference to God in the preamble.

Glynn was elected to represent South Australia in the House of Representatives as a Freetrader at the first federal election in 1901. He was a minister in the Deakin, Cook and Hughes governments and represented the seat of Angas until his defeat in 1919.

An eloquent speaker with a comprehensive knowledge of literature, Glynn was a life-long supporter of Irish Home Rule.

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