Commonwealth of Australia Coat of Arms
For Peace, Order and Good Government: The first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia
Early proposals
Six colonies
Drafting a constitution
Declaration of the Commonwealth
Conducting the first Federal election
Who could vote?
The election campaign
9 May 1901
The royal visit
The first federal parliamentarians
Ministry of May, 1901
Edmund Barton
Political parties
Legislative program
Relationship between the houses

Members of the First Parliament

Members for Victoria

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John George Barrett

Senator for Victoria 1901-1903

Robert Wallace Best

Senator for Victoria 1901-1910

Member for Kooyong (Victoria) 1910-1922

James Newton Haxton Hume Cook

Member for Bourke (Victoria) 1901-1910

Samuel Winter Cooke

Member for Wannon (Victoria) 1901-1903

Richard Armstrong Crouch

Member for Corio (Victoria) 1901-1910

Member for Corangamite (Victoria) 1929-1931

Alfred Deakin

Member for Ballarat (Victoria) 1901-1913

Simon Fraser

Senator for Victoria 1901-1913

Arthur Champion Groom

Member for Flinders (Victoria) 1901-1903

Robert Harper

Member for Mernda (Victoria) 1901-1913

Henry Bournes Higgins

Member for Northern Melbourne (Victoria) 1901-1906

William Morris Hughes

Member for Bendigo (Victoria) 1917-1922

Isaac Alfred Isaacs

Member for Indi (Victoria) 1901-1906

Thomas Kennedy

Member for Moira (Victoria) 1901-1906

William Knox

Member for Kooyong (Victoria) 1901-1910

James Chester Manifold

Member for Corangamite (Victoria) 1901-1903 & 1913-1918

Samuel Mauger

Member for Melbourne Ports (Victoria) 1901-1906

Member for Maribyrnong (Victoria) 1906-1910

James Whiteside McCay

Member for Corinella (Victoria) 1901-1906

James Hiers McColl

Member for Echuca (Victoria) 1901-1906

Senator for Victoria 1907-1914

Sir Malcolm Donald McEacharn

Member for Melbourne (Victoria) 1901-1904

Allan McLean

Member for Gippsland (Victoria) 1901-1906

Pharez Phillips

Member for Wimmera (Victoria) 1901-1906

Sir John Quick

Member for Bendigo (Victoria) 1901-1913

Reverend James Black Ronald

Member for Southern Melbourne (Victoria) 1901-1906

Charles Carty Salmon

Member for Laanecoorie (Victoria) 1901-1913

Member for Grampians (Victoria) 1915-1917

Sir Frederick Thomas Sargood

Senator for Victoria 1901-1903

Thomas Skene

Member for Grampians (Victoria) 1901-1906

James Styles

Senator for Victoria 1901-1906

Francis Gwynne Tudor

Member for Yarra (Victoria) 1901-1922

Sir George Turner

Member for Balaclava (Victoria) 1901-1906

Sir William Austin Zeal

Senator for Victoria 1901-1906